Ethical Requirements for Authors


The corresponding author confirms that:

  1. The submitted article is the result of his/her (and his/her colleagues’) research. In cases where other researches are used, the specifications of the references have been cited in accordance with the corresponding rules.
  2. This article (or its translation) or a significant overlapping article with this article has not already been presented in any journal or conference and is not currently under evaluation for another journal or conference.
  3. All the authors of the article have full knowledge and satisfaction with all the scientific content, as well as their names, specifications and affiliations.

If at any time, contrary to the foregoing, or any other fraud or research violation is confirmed in connection with this article, he/she accepts the consequences thereof; and the secretariat of the conference is permitted to treat him/her (and the co-authors) based on the terms and conditions and in this case, he/she will not have any claim.

For more details please visit IEEE website or the following link:

IEEE Plagiarism Guideline      and      IEEE Codes for Ethics of Authors

Last Update At : 21 June 2021